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I Fight For My Life

I FIGHT FOR MY LIFE is a Reality TV show that will teach women and all who watch on just how to manage their moments in life and prevent themselves from becoming victims. We will cover the attacker’s weaknesses and how women can find their tools to defend their lives. At least, if you’re going to die, just don’t sit there and let it happen! Go down fighting. But, with the teachings of awareness, preemptive moves and everyday weapons found in a purse, shoe, cell phone, magazine, pen, or clothing, a women has a fighting chance and can spit, bite and tear flesh to save her life and take her power back.

I Fight For My Life Co-instructors

Sensei Jennifer Silverstein(On left-side)

Spice Williams-Crosby (On right-side)

Gutsy Christianity



First Aired: January 7th, 2013

NR (Not Rated)Religion, SeriesSeriesSD

Bob Cornuke challenges people to have a gutsy kind of Christianity... a hard-hitting Paul kind of faith. Featuring Bob Cornuke International Explorer, author and Biblical Investigator.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam

The three Abrahamic religions share many of the same stories, traditions and prophets...including the story of Moses and Mt. Sanai

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